Dear gentle reader,

There are few things that can compete with my love of a good, old-school Kaiju movie (Japanese for “strange beast”. This genre of movie feature giant monsters either attack helpless humans or other freakish monsters.) It is truly amazing as watching a man in rubber monster suit destroying a scale model of Tokyo. Almost as amazing as squids. These creatures are one of nature’s most awkward animals (what sells me on squids is the fact that they only have one bone in their whole body, the beak! The rest is just a writhing mass of muscles and suckers.)

Oddly no one has ever made a movie a Kaiju movie about a squid. I can’t tell if this is just an oversight or prejudice. Perhaps its because there would be no way to make an engaging movie featuring a largely boneless monster flopping across a city.

I am going to be honest, I have no idea what I am doing. This is my first blog (except for that one in college which I have taken as many steps as one can take to make sure that no mortal man can find it again. Trust me, it is my service to humanity.) As such, I fully expect it to be monstrous and awkward. This is why I resonate with the image of a kaiju squid. Because that is what this is. A monstrous mass of thoughts and ideas attempting to be taken seriously.

Anyway, do not expect this to be a blog about kaiju squids, because it would be over before it began (though I suppose giant squids are a thing.) Instead, it is going to be a writhing mass of theological thought, angst-filled prayers, a journal of living on Uber/Lyft full-time, and anything else that I want to. Perhaps this is not the way to run a blog, but alas this is in not in the hands of a professional, but me (the human representation of a kaiju squid.)

Deal with it,

Kaiju Squid